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With the UK general election due on Thursday, 4 July, politicians will be looking for our votes.  As Christians we are invited to use Gospel values as a point of reference for the way we look at the world. These values can also offer a different way of looking at politics, a way that puts the common good before self-interest.  Throughout this election season we will be seeking answers which will help the poor, the marginalised, and the vulnerable.  We seek a society in which all families can flourish and where we care for our common home, where we offer a welcoming hand to strangers in need, where we look out for those struggling to get on.  Families are the heart of our communities and society.  We seek, therefore, political leaders who can reflect and share these values. But this is not just about leaders, it is about us.  We are not merely the passive recipients of politics but active citizens. An election is the best time for us as Christians to speak out, to get involved, and to lead. We hope that these resources will help in that endeavour.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) offers a guide to issues for the election as do CAFOD together with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP)  These sites provide information on a range of topics from a Catholic Christian perspective to help us ask key questions of local candidates and parties who need our votes. 

Cardinal Vincent Nichols is inviting us all as Catholics and as voters to be active rather than passive and engage with politicians on the key issues. “You want to know what your candidate will think and say on your behalf when that candidate gets into Parliament,” says the Cardinal. “I would like to put forward a theme for us all to think about. How do we seek to construct a society in which families can flourish? That’s the bedrock”.  Please watch the Cardinal’s message here.

Please ensure you are registered to vote by 18June and have suitable photo ID, which you will need this year for the first time.