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thumbnail image The miracle of feeding the five thousand is a miracle of generosity. To begin with, there is the generosity shown by the boy who gave the five loaves and two fish to make the miracle possible. Although that might not seem a lot to us, it was a great sacrifice for the boy, because that was all he had. Most of us are happy to give a little something to a good cause when we have plenty, but it is much more difficult when it means going without something ourselves.
Then there is the generosity of Jesus who had led his disciples into the desert, so that they might have some time to themselves to rest, reflect and pray. However, an enormous, needy crowd of people, inspired by Jesus’ teaching and miracles, followed the disciples into the desert. Jesus looked at them with compassion, realising they hungered for the Word of God, and so he taught them for some time. Realising that the people also needed food to eat, he blessed the boy’s generous gift and the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish took place. All the people were fed; each person ate as much as they wanted and twelve baskets full of scraps were left over.
There is a story told about an elderly woman who had accidently left her shopping bag of groceries in the church after attending Mass. The priest could not find the lost bag, to which she replied, without any anger or bitterness: ‘Well, maybe the person who took it needs it more than I do’. The priest was humbled by her generous heart, knowing that he would not have shown such compassion if he had been in the same situation. Our Blessed Lord generously nourishes us in the Eucharist at every Mass, just as he fed the people in the desert. Likewise, generosity should have a central place in the life of every Christian. We may only be able to give a little of our time, talents and gifts, to others, but done with a generous spirit, the Lord will bless our giving so that it produces a rich harvest.

Fr Michael Donaghy


thumbnail image The Cathedral is open from 7.30am until after the evening Mass each day.
* Live streamed via the Cathedral website, and Sung/Choral.

Monday to Friday
Morning Prayer: 7.35am
Mass: 8 and 10.30am (Latin), 12.30 and 5.30pm *
Confessions: 12-12.30pm, 5-5.30pm

Morning Prayer: 7.35am, Sung Vespers (English) 5.30pm *
Mass: 8 and 10.30am (Latin), 12.30 and Vigil 6pm *
Confessions: 12-12.30pm, 5.45-6.15pm

Sung Morning Prayer (English) 9.30am *
Solemn Vespers and Benediction (Choir)* 4pm
Mass: 8 and 10am*, 12 noon (Solemn, Choir)*, 5.30* and 7pm
Confessions: 11.30am-12 noon, 5.15-5.45pm

4.45pm Organ Recital: Ben Bloor (London Oratory)

Monday 26 July Ss Joachim and Anne, Parents of Our Lady

Tuesday 27 July Feria

Wednesday 28 July Feria
2pm Lourdes Diocesan Pilgrimage Mass: Cardinal Nichols

Thursday 29 July Ss Martha, Mary and Lazarus

Friday 30 July Feria, Friday abstinence

Saturday 31 July St Ignatius of Loyola, Priest

Sunday 1 August 18th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

The church hosts a Mass for the Croatian Chaplaincy at 4pm on Sundays.

As you may have seen, we are participating in the NHS Covid-19 App, to assist with track and trace. We do encourage you to make use of this app.

The Gift Shop and Café remain closed, although the toilets are open. The Chaplains can be contacted through Clergy House Reception if you wish to speak to them or are in need of assistance.


thumbnail image From Monday 19 July the Cathedral sees the return of the public Daily Office, which has been recited behind closed doors by the Chaplains since the beginning of the pandemic.
Morning Prayer (Lauds) will take place in the Lady Chapel at 7.35am Monday to Saturday and on the main sanctuary at 9.30am on Sundays.
First Vespers of Sundays will be sung in English at 5.30pm on Saturdays, also on the main sanctuary.
An announcement about weekday Vespers will follow in the autumn.


thumbnail image From Monday 19 July many of the current restrictions will be lifted in the Cathedral in line with the new guidance from the Bishops' Conference. This brings an end to the official social distancing arrangements and so the chairs will be returned to their normal positions. Congregational singing will be allowed again and this will bring back the return of public Morning Prayer and Saturday evening sung Vespers. The collection will also now return to its traditional position during Mass. Confessions will resume in the Confessional Boxes at the entrance of the Lady Chapel. Timings for all services and confessions are available on the parish website and on notices around the Cathedral.

We are aware that some of us may still be anxious about coming into public buildings. Therefore, we encourage the following:

That face coverings continue to be worn when in the Cathedral at Mass and busy services, unless you are exempt.
That you sanitise your hands on entering the Cathedral.
That, where possible, you try to leave two seats between you and other people not known to you.
We also ask that you do not come into the Cathedral if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to self-isolate having come into contact with someone with the virus.


thumbnail image The Passage Station Collection Volunteers help to raise the funds to enable us to support people who are homeless. If you are able to help us for a few hours every two or three weeks collecting donations on Victoria Station from Tuesday 20 July, please contact Andrew Hollingsworth on 0202 7592 1886 or at andrew.h@passage.org.uk . More details are at https://tinyurl.com/passagecollectors.


thumbnail image For those who are interested in becoming a Catholic or wish to explore the Catholic faith the RCIA course will commence in September. For further information please contact Fr Vincent Mbui at vincentmbui@rcdow.org.uk.


thumbnail image The July/August edition of Oremus, the Cathedral Magazine, is now out for your summer reading and edification. Please take a FREE copy, available at the back of the Cathedral. Donations towards the production costs are, as always, most welcome.


thumbnail image The Cathedral has been allocated a number of boxes of free home-testing kits by Westminster City Council for anyone who would like to do a symptom-free test at home for Covid-19. These are available for any parishioner to collect from Clergy House Reception.


thumbnail image As you may be aware, there are various candles and lamps which burn perpetually around the Cathedral; particularly before the Blessed Sacrament, in the Lady Chapel, in the Sacred Heart Shrine, at the relics of St John Southworth, St Thomas Becket and St Edmund of Abingdon, and in the Holy Souls Chapel.
Would you like one of these to burn in memory of a loved one, or for a particular intention? If so, we ask for a donation of £10 per week, which will go towards defraying the costs of running the sacristy: candles, hosts, wine and other necessities for the celebration of Mass. Please hand in at Clergy House Reception or in one of the Cathedral’s donation boxes an envelope marked ‘Sanctuary Lamp Donation’, together with a note stating your particular intention, and the light you would like to burn for that intention.