For many years, work to support the large number of homeless people in the vicinity of the Cathedral has been a major focus of voluntary activity for Cathedral parishioners.

Many work as volunteers at The Passage and others are active in the Winter Night Shelter project.  During the coldest months of the year, a group of rough sleepers is accommodated by a different church each night of the week.  Once a week, it is the Cathedral’s turn and we make our guests welcome in the Cathedral Hall where volunteers provide them with dinner, a warm place to sleep and breakfast the next morning before they go on their way. The pandemic put a temporary halt to this initiative but the Cathedral volunteers joined forces with similar groups to form Central London Catholic Churches (CLCC) and carry on our support for the homeless at a time when other services were closed.

CLCC’s first initiative, at the very beginning of the first lockdown, was to set up a stall in Trafalgar Square serving drinks and snacks to homeless people.  Today, CLCC offers a twice-weekly facility based at the church of The Immaculate Conception in Farm St where guests are offered refreshments, lunch and signposting to important other services.

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