The Legion of Mary is an international association of members of the Roman Catholic Church who serve on a voluntary basis. Founded in 1921, the Legion currently has over 3 million members in all dioceses throughout the world and is the largest apostolic organisation of lay people in the Catholic Church. Working in pairs, Legion members visit care homes, hospitals, the sick and the housebound and lapsed Catholics, and help the parish priest with parish work.

The smallest branch of a Legionary group, known as a Praesidium, is placed at the service of the local parish priest. Westminster Cathedral has two Legion of Mary Praesidia:

Praesidium: Mater Purissima and Praesidium: Our Lady of the Mystical Rose
Meeting: Mondays, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Venue: The Hinsley Room, Morpeth Terrace

There are two types of Legion membership – active and auxiliary.

Active members attend weekly meetings of their particular Praesidium to report on their Legion work. Also, the rosary and other prayers are said and a spiritual reflection is given by their Spiritual Director, Fr Michael Donaghy, who is one of the Cathedral Chaplains. Active members, who are able, are encouraged to attend daily Mass. Due to the sensitive nature of the work they do, members are subject to parish safeguarding checks.

Auxiliary members do not normally attend meetings, nor do they carry out Legion work or visitations, but commit to praying specified prayers including the rosary every day. To join the Legion of Mary please email Fr Michael at