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Built to be completed by future generations, Westminster Cathedral hosts a rich tapestry of architecture, chapels and mosaics created in different styles over the years. From the lofty heights of the Bell Tower to the quiet depths of the crypt, learn more about Westminster Cathedral and its glorious history on one of our guided video tours.

Westminster Cathedral

The Mother Church of Catholics in England and Wales and a place of peace and spirituality for so many. The striped exterior marks an unforgettable punctuation point on Victoria Street in the heart of London. Experience what makes this historic Cathedral so special: the music, the liturgy, the prayerfulness, and the beauty of the interior.
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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the ‘crowning glory’ of Westminster Cathedral and all sightlines focus here for the celebration of Mass. See this holy place from the priest’s view: marble that reflects the dedication to the Precious Blood, the mosaic of the Baldacchino, and the moving image of Our Lady of Dolours on the reverse of the dramatic Great Rood.
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The Blessed Sacrament Chapel

This sacred space is the most prayerful in the Cathedral. The stunning mosaic is by the acclaimed Russian artist Boris Anrep; throughout are motifs connected with the Last Supper and the Passion of Our Lord.The faithful are always to be found before the tabernacle; the glittering sanctuary lamps marking His presence.
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Our Lady’s Domain

The Medieval statue of Our Lady of Westminster and the beautiful chapel dedicated to the Mother of Our Lord mark Our Lady’s domain. Look out for the London landmarks of the chapel vault mosaic and the image of our Lady of Walsingham depicted on the elaborate Cathedral pulpit. The Lady Chapel is a popular venue for weddings and filming.
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The North Aisle Chapels

The chapels of the north aisle blaze with colour. The Holy Souls, the first to be completed, exemplifies the architect’s design intentions for the Cathedral. The decoration of the chapel dedicated to St George and the English martyrs is the most recent. This is the final resting place of our beloved martyr, St John Southworth.
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The Arts & Crafts Movement

This is the Cathedral’s Arts and Crafts chapel. The glittering fish-scale mosaic of the vault and the intaglio marble sea creatures of the floor remind us of Andrew’s origins as a fisherman. Eric Gill’s renowned Stations of the Cross are a masterpiece of restraint, enabling the faithful to make their own personal journey to Calvary.
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John Francis Bentley's magnificent Cathedral is now available to view online in Virtual 3D. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Cathedral from the comfort of home.
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