Photo Credits

Thank you for the beautiful photographs

The building of this website would have been impossible without the generosity of those who gave us access to a wealth of stunning photographs which perfectly illustrate both the beauty of the building that is Westminster Cathedral and at the same time bring to life its liturgies, its people and all the activities which draw us together in this place.  Because we were able to use existing photography, we were able to focus all our available funding on creating more functionality across our website.

We are truly grateful and our particular thanks go to

Marcin Mazur, who has chronicled many of our great liturgies and events on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

The Society of Friends Of Westminster Cathedral, who provided much of the beautiful photography of the Cathedral mosaics.

Fr Lawrence Lew OP for giving us access to his collection of Cathedral photographs.

Parishioners for allowing us to use private photographs taken at Cathedral group events.

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