The Society of Friends of Westminster Cathedral

The Society of Friends was founded in 1977 to support Westminster Cathedral, and for more than 40 years the Friends have worked tirelessly to help fund key projects.

Supporting Westminster Cathedral

Visit the Cathedral today and you will see evidence of the Friends in action. We provided the dramatic glass doors at the main entrance and funded the restoration of the Cathedral Tower and Viewing Gallery, whilst the mosaics of the Chapels of St George and the English Martyrs and the Vaughan Chantry were paid for by the Friends. In 2020 we raised more than £50,000 for Cathedral Communications, helping to support the live stream of Masses. Westminster Cathedral receives no regular public funding, and the Friends play a vital role in helping to support the fabric and function of this beautiful place.

Join Us

The Friends are an important social and community hub for the Cathedral with a programme of talks, tours and social activities with online events, too. It costs from just £30 a year to join and we keep in touch via a bi-annual newsletter and our Facebook and Instagram links. Our lively Facebook page has built up an active community with 1,000 followers.

We are open to all! You don’t have to be a Catholic to join the Friends and we have members worldwide united in their love of Westminster Cathedral. We are also participants in the National Conference of Cathedral Friends, meeting up every two years to share ideas and discuss issues of common interest with Friends across the country.

‘Love, life, friends … these three words
are important for life’

Pope Francis

Get Involved

The Friends Society is run by a Council of Trustees, all of whom are members. There are lots of ways in which you can actively help to support the work of the Friends: volunteering at an event, supporting fundraising or helping in the office. Please call or pop into Clergy House and come and talk to us about what we do. You will receive a warm welcome.

Contact Us

The Society of Friends of Westminster Cathedral
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