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Visit of the Relics of St Bernadette to Westminster Cathedral

Saturday 3 September to Monday 5 September 2022

The life and legacy of St Bernadette has touched the lives of people across the world.  In September and October this year, the relics of St Bernadette journey on pilgrimage to England, Scotland, and Wales for the very first time.  This very special once in a lifetime event will provide an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the special gifts and charisms of Lourdes, in a church or cathedral near you.

Westminster Cathedral is blessed to welcome the relics from 3-5 September.  All are welcome to join us for this special event to enrich and renew ourselves spiritually. 

We hope and pray that through the intercession of St Bernadette many graces will be given to all who come and venerate her relics, including healing, conversion and the wonderful discovery of vocation.  Come and experience the miracle of Lourdes with us!

To watch a trailer for the UK Tour, click here; to pray in preparation for the Visit weekend, click here.

To plan your visit, please check below for the most up-to-date information.  


Saturday 3 September 1pm – Monday 5 September 6am  (No need for advance booking, just please join the queue on the Piazza for entry via the West Doors. Be advised that at peak times, especially before or after liturgies, we expect long queues. Wheelchair access will be available at all times with out the need for queuing.)

For those unable to visit over the weekend, the Cathedral livestream will display the Relics continuously, as a focus of prayer.


Veneration will last all through the two days and nights until 6am on Monday 5 September and will take place in the rear section of the Cathedral, which will be sectioned off from the main body of the building.  Please note that, except for wheelchair and emergency access, there will be no direct access from one part of the building to the other.

To venerate the Relics, pilgrims will be invited to join the queue on the Cathedral Piazza. Wheelchair users, accompanied by one helper per person, do not need to queue.  Please make your way directly to the main door (West Door).

When entering the Cathedral, pilgrims will pass by the Baptistry and the Chapel of St Augustine where there will be an opportunity to obtain votive candles to be lit around the Relics.  (Please do not bring your own candles as our votive light stands are not designed to accommodate other candles.)  When the votive light stands become partially full, for safety reasons, stewards will offer to light candles in a safe manner on behalf of pilgrims.  When the votive stands are completely full, the stewards will offer to keep pilgrims’ votive candles and light them at a later hour when space becomes available.  This will be done during the all-night vigil, but the votive candles will definitely be lit in the presence of the relics.

There will be an opportunity for pilgrims to leave petitions and personal intentions to Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette, in the box by the Relics.  Petitions should be written at home and brought to the Cathedral.  The intentions will be taken to Lourdes and placed in the Grotto of Our Lady.

There will be very limited seating in the veneration area itself.  This can be used for a short time of prayer by the elderly, infirm and others unable to stand without aid.  Other pilgrims will be welcome to venerate the Relics for a short time while standing.

After venerating, pilgrims should move forward towards the exit, via St Francis’ door, passing the Cathedral Gift Shop (9.00am to 9.00pm) where devotional objects can be purchased together with holy water bottles. 

On leaving the Cathedral, please turn right down Ambrosden Avenue towards the side entrance to the Cathedral, for Mass, private prayer or Confessions, and also to Cathedral Hall, which will be open from 9.00am to 9.00pm.  In Cathedral Hall pilgrims will be able to fill their bottles with Holy Water (bottles should not be larger than 150ml/200ml), purchase religious items and use toilet facilities.


During the visit of the Relics, the entrance and exit for Mass will be by the Ambrosden Avenue door only.  From 4.30pm on Saturday, pilgrims will also be able to access the Cathedral for private prayer between Masses and join the confessional queue through this door.  Confessions will be heard on Saturday from 5pm until 10pm and on Sunday from 2pm until 10pm.



11am Solemn Mass of Welcome (livestreamed)* – with enshrining of the relics (Celebrated by H.E. Cardinal Vincent Nichols)

2.30pm – Service of Anointing of the Sick* (Presided by Bishop John Sherrington) Admission by ticket only. Tickets available from your Parish Priest.

6pm – Vigil Mass of Sunday* (Celebrated by Bishop Nicholas Hudson)

10pm – Night Prayer of the Church (Compline)* followed by an All-night Vigil


6am, 8am, 7pm – Mass*

9.30am – Sung Mass (livestreamed)* (Celebrated by Bishop Paul McAleenan)

12noon – Solemn Sung Mass* (Celebrated by Bishop Nicholas Hudson, sung by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral)

3pm – Rosary*

4pm – Solemn Vespers with Benediction*(Sung by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral)

5.30pm – Sung Mass*  (Celebrated by Bishop John Sherrington)

9pm – Rosary*

10pm – Night Prayer of the Church (Compline)* followed by an All-night Vigil


6am – Mass*

8am – Mass of Farewell*  (Celebrated by H.E. Cardinal Vincent Nichols)

 (*) Entry for Masses and Liturgies will be via the side door of the Cathedral on Ambrosden Avenue.

When full capacity is reached, there will be no further entry.

Find out more about the tour of the Relics at